Vallivue Class of '88

Crazy Eights! 2008 mini-reunion

When: 08-08-08 at 6:30PM (Friday evening)
What: 2008 mini-Reunion for Class of ‘88
AKA: Crazy Eights!!! (Okay, a little lame but that’s me.)
Who: Vallivue Class of ’88 alum and their significant other (no kids).
Where: Cherie Lasher’s house (5950 N High Hill Place in Star - Maps shown below)

2008 miniature Class of ‘88 Reunion will be at Cherie Lasher’s home on Friday the 8th of August at 6:30 pm. This is for couples only, no kids.

Cherie has been kind enough to provide hamburgers and hotdogs with everyone else pot-lucking the rest (salads, chips, dessert, and drinks.)

It might be good to bring your own camping/folding chairs to sit outside on.

To help Cherie plan for this we NEED your RSVP below with the following info:
Name, Email (in case we don't already have it), Count (1 or 2 only), and What are you bringing? (Optional, you do not have to bring anything)

So far we have 29 alum, for a total of 49 people coming, bringing:
Drinks, Condiments, Watermelon, produce for hamburgers, drinks, Desert, Salad, potato salad, Plates, cups, utensils, napkins, Brocolli salad, Salad, vegan burgers / dogs, Chips & Drinks, macaroni salad, Chips, Chips, Desert, salad, H & H buns, Hamburgers & Hot dogs, Chocolate Cake

Crazy Eights RSVP

(REQUIRED) Count: (either 0-not going, 1 or 2 only)
  (optional)    Bringing:
[i.e.: salads, chips, dessert, condiments, drinks, etc]

Above is the zoomed in map, below is the area map.